Adi Madanes has a unique and melodic musical voice that walks the line between Elton John and Ian Dury.
“The fringe of the mainstream.” This is the review that adi likes the most. “It describes me best. Or maybe I’m the mainstream of the fringe,” he jokes.

A hopelessly devoted record collector since the age of 12, turned DJ for 19 years including his time served in the army, adi adores hits with brilliant melodies. Why he remains on the fringe is probably his refusal to write mainstream lyrics. He just can’t keep it polite.

“It’s my super critical eye of what goes on around me. I see everything, so I just can’t keep it nice and sweet.” Except for his sweet love longs. Actually, bittersweet. “I am the most pathetic product of the concept of love.”

Born in Israel in 1974 and a passionate vegan for most of his life, Adi has recorded 4 albums in Hebrew. He is now trying to deliver his thoughts and feelings in English.

A lost soul, finely tuned, still waiting for the one…. or for the sad melody she’ll make him write.